"Hanway Technology(H.K.)Ltd." is a corporation of producing and marketing all kinds of organic film capacitors since the establishment.

We have already developed into a large and carried enterprise with the first level of industrial technology together with a great variety of product range.

We have a great variety on the production series:
* Polyester Film Capacitor CL11, CL21 ,MEC (Box) Series
* Polyester Film Capacitor MSF (Mini size)& MSC(mini box)
* Polyester Film Capacitor (Axial Type Oval & Tubular) CL20 & CL20-1 Series
* Polypropylene Film Capacitor CBB21,CBB13, CBB81
* MKP-X2 Interference suppression capacitor
* Motor starting Capacitor MEK Seriesetc.

Beyond that we can provide different kinds of electronic components such as full range of Electrolytic Capacitors, Ceramic cap, Resistor, Transistor , Diode & Neon Lamp etc.

We have already registered our own Trade Mark as 'HW' and have been approved
by quality Certification , SGS test report compliance with RoHS

Our production administer Integrated Electronic Control (IEC). The majority of our products have been achieved the eight European industrial countries international approval like UL of USA, VDE of Germany etc.

Main of our products is exported to overseas, such as USA, Germany, Hong Kong and other counties.

Our company is putting more and more effort on our own brand house model project and OEM project that co-operating with the overseas manufactory.

In the near future, we will invest our capital intensively on the advanced technologic product development. We will keep on doing our best to aim at satisfying our customers so that making Hanway Technology (H.K.) Ltd. becomes a reputable enterprise on the market.

Since 2011, the company launched a new business íV biodegradable packing and tableware. Our tableware are produced from renewable resources, freezer safe and microwave safe, and compliant with the FDA standards.